Company NameOsaka Chakai Co., Ltd.
Address1F 2-1-25 Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka, 530-0041
RepresentativeKaoru Kodama
EstablishedJune 17, 2016
Business OutlineFood & beverage service, merchandise sales
Capital8,000,000 yen

Business Mission

1.To create new value by making new discoveries by studying the old
Our ultimate aim is to learn from, what was at the time the avant-garde art of the tea ceremony, mastered by Sen no Rikyu, a native of Sakai, Osaka in the pursuit of offering an experience for the five senses only obtainable at CAFE Osaka Chakai through modern-day Japanese tea ceremony and earthenware to create new value through new and innovative concepts.
2. Win-win situation for all
Through the continuation and development of CAFE Osaka Chakai, we hope to create a win-win situation for all, including the artists, the consumer, the seller, the local community and our similar minded investors.